Case Study - Nissa Pre Wedding Party

The brief

To create and host a pre-wedding party.

What we did

Once the bride, Nissa, got in touch with us she was immediately assigned to our wedding department. They worked closely alongside Nissa and her partner, Ian, to create their bespoke package and then implement those plans on the day.

Our Senior Event Manager, Eliza, was assigned to this particular event. She has a real passion for creating wedding functions and her personable approach perfectly complements this type of occasion.

Eliza met with Nissa in person to discuss ways in which the celebration could be personalised even further. It was decided that a garden upgrade would be installed on the outdoor deck, which included deck chairs and potted plants. We also organised a food and wine tasting session with Nissa and Ian beforehand, so their specific tastes could be met.

It was quite an intimate event, with 55 guests in total. The six-hour hire of the vessel was also split into two sections. First, there was a two-hour cruise with canapes and drinks on arrival, before a stop was made so the party could disembark to a land venue. After that they came back onto the vessel for an evening cruise back to Westminster.

The result

The wedding team worked incredibly hard to ensure everything was personalised to the couple and the boat was beautifully set up exactly as they had envisaged.

The weather was superb, so the guests could make full use of the deck and the garden upgrade. There was also a smooth and easy transition between the vessel and the land venue - and vice versa.

Nissa and Ian were both extremely happy with the event we had provided for such a special occasion.


Please see a selection of images from the event below, or to view more information on our wedding service, please click here