Case Study - Propertyserve MD Retirement Party

The brief

To organise and host a retirement party.

What we did

We were contacted about creating a surprise retirement party for the CEO of PropertyServe. It was made clear from the start how important an occasion this was, with both colleagues and family of the retiree attending. However, the atmosphere needed to be relaxed.

Both entertainment and a three-course dinner were requested for the party, with around 150 guests attending in total. Our in-house sales team went to work putting together a bespoke package for the client, as well as outlining an array of entertainment and menu options.

The original date for the party had to be postponed because of an internal change of plan by the client, but we pride ourselves on being as flexible as possible and moved the date to October.

Once the event was booked, the Project Management team then took over to further personalise the finer details. On the day, Isabel and Alisa headed things up to ensure everything ran smoothly.

As a special surprise extra for the CEO, we designed and created a memory album filled with photos from the day - which was sent to them afterwards.

The result

The guests enjoyed the beautiful views from both inside and outside the vessel, while the CEO was given a fitting send off. The client was very satisfied and gave a great testimonial, while they also mentioned booking a different type of event with us in the future.

Client Testimonial

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you all, we all had an AMAZING evening! Everything was seamless and perfect and totally in control! Jamie had a super surprise party. I wished in hindsight that we had booked the additional hour as the evening went far too fast!"


Please see a selection of images from the event below, or to view more information on our corporate hospitality service, please click here.