Case Study - Veson Nautical Mid-Year Social

The brief

To host a mid-year social event for Veson Nautical’s internal staff and partners.

What we did

The client wanted to create a relaxed atmosphere for their attendees, so we put together a package consisting of a barbecue, background music, and garden games. 

The client also wanted to add some personalised branding, so the planning team suggested a boat flag with their logo on, which she loved and decided to add on.

There was quite a short turnaround between booking and the event date, however, the entire WEOTT event team worked together to ensure all the details were finalised in good time and the client’s requirements were still met.

To further personalise the event, our event planner sourced some flowers which we used as decor on the tables for the outdoor deck - this created a really inviting seating area which the guests enjoyed.

End result

The client was really happy with the event and left us some great feedback. The photographer also captured some fantastic images of the event and the client was delighted with them.

The barbecue worked really well for this group and they all really enjoyed the food. Thankfully, the weather turned out really nice on the day and the guests could take in the views from the top deck throughout the event.

Client testimonial

"Thank you for your email and for our wonderful event on Friday evening. We had a fabulous time and everything was fantastic."


Please see a selection of images from the event below, or to view more information on our corporate hospitality service, please click here.