Meet the team

The thing that connects our entire team at West End on the Thames is our shared passion of creating unforgettable events for our clients. From the founder to the client relationship department, the senior event planner to the coordinators, we are all committed to ensuring that the company exceeds expectations in all areas. It is this dedication and attention to detail that sets us apart as a truly unique event management service.

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Client Relationship Team

As the head of our client relationship team, Sapphire is often the first point of contact when enquiring with us. With her exceptional communication skills and warm personality, Sapphire builds strong bonds with clients, ensuring that what we deliver fits their vision and requirements. After booking, the event is passed over to our event team, led by Eliza. However, Sapphire continues to monitor its progress to ensure that we are delivering at every stage. Many of our client connections are based on the quality of Sapphire's service and the relationships she maintains with them even after events have taken place.

Sapphire Adams - Senior Client Relationship Manager

Working closely with Sapphire, Katherine, our Client Relationship Coordinator, ensures our services align seamlessly with client visions. With a personable and bubbly nature, she excels at building relationships and maintaining high service standards. Her in-depth industry knowledge and proactive communication style make her a reliable guide throughout your event journey. Whether you're making initial enquiries or refining event details, Katherine's warm approach and attention to detail ensure each interaction is both productive and enjoyable.

Katherine Bulaon - Client Relationship Coordinator

Event Planning Team

Eliza is our senior corporate event and wedding planner, responsible for project managing each event from start to finish, with a focus on ensuring that every detail is carefully considered and executed flawlessly. With her keen eye for creativity and unwavering work ethic, Eliza is dedicated to exceeding client expectations and delivering truly unforgettable events. Her exceptional interpersonal skills enable her to build strong relationships with clients, vendors, and team members alike, ensuring that everyone involved in the event is working seamlessly together. Eliza is committed to providing a personalised and stress-free planning experience that is tailored to each client's unique needs and vision, resulting in events that are truly special.

Eliza Gilham - Senior Corporate Event & Wedding Planner

Ellie is a valuable member of our team, working closely with Sapphire in the client relationship team and Eliza in the event planning department. Her unique position in the company gives her an extensive knowledge of every event we are working on. Hard working and dedicated, she ensures that everything runs smoothly, tirelessly operating behind the scenes and on the day to ensure we deliver an event that exceeds expectations. Ellie's bubbly personality makes her well-liked by our team and clients alike, with many praising her after the event has been delivered by our team.

Ellie Kirotar - Event & Client Relationship Assistant

Phoebe is an essential member of our team, bringing her passion for client satisfaction to every project. Her adaptable attitude ensures that each event is truly bespoke, while her attention to detail ensures the smooth running of the function on the day. With her people skills and love of being in the action, Phoebe thrives at events, making sure that every guest feels welcome and looked after.

Phoebe Cottrell - Event Coordinator

Meet Elijah, a highly valued member of our team who shines both as an Event Coordinator and a Catering Assistant. With equal proficiency in both roles, he has evolved and excelled over time. With several years of experience within our company, Elijah possesses a deep understanding of our team's expectations and consistently strives for successful event outcomes that exceed our clients' expectations. Elijah's dedication and commitment are evident in every task he undertakes. His dual roles have given him a holistic perspective on event execution, enabling him to contribute effectively in various capacities.

Elijah De Ocampo - Head Catering Assistant

Max demonstrates a strong initiative necessary to ensure that every event runs as smoothly as possible. His attention to detail in every aspect of his role as a member of the Events team underscores his strong work ethic. This, combined with his conscientiousness, makes him a valuable part of the West End on the Thames brand

Max Saudelli - Event & Catering Assistant

Lily's attention to detail and commitment to the West End on the Thames brand make her indispensable to our team. Her strong communication skills ensure seamless event delivery from the initial client enquiry to the completion of the event. Lily's confident and friendly personality has helped her build strong connections with many of our clients.

Lily-May Cameron - Event & Catering Assistant

Operational Team

Overseeing all client projects with a meticulous eye is our Creative Director, Matthew. With vast amounts of experience in the events management industry, Matthew’s success has been built upon his creative ingenuity, entrepreneurial outlook and attention to detail. Matthew ensures our clients’ objectives are met at every stage of planning, through to a seamless delivery.

Matthew Adams - CEO

Providing a smooth running financial system behind the scenes is Shilen. Working diligently on cash flow management, banking, payments, bookkeeping and credit control, Shilen ensures a methodical and thorough approach towards every task at hand. If ever you require help with a financial query, Shilen will be happy to help.

Shilen Raichura - CFO

Working closely with Shilen is our Financial Controller, Carly. Ensuring our clients are put at ease and kept up-to-date with payment processes, Carly assists in providing an efficient service whilst building a trusting relationship with clients. Carly’s responsibilities include producing invoices and ensuring payments are processed on time.

Carly Toner - Financial Controller