How We Are Tackling The Virus & Your Booking Rights

Everything is continuing as normal here at West End on the Thames, but with the following precautions in place due to coronavirus.

What is coronavirus?

The coronavirus is a virus that causes COVID-19 and affects the lungs and airways. The main symptoms are a fever and a continuous dry cough.

It is not known exactly how coronavirus spreads from person…

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Capital Entertainment

As the grey curtain of winter months slowly draws back, all eyes turn to the warm climates of the long summer days and the promises of relaxation and leisure that they bring. Though for most this will mean escaping the UK to far-flung resorts, it’s also a time to be planning your business’ summer party. These occasions are not simply a mandatory exercise to convince…

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Brands, Images & The Big Social Conundrum

Image is everything – that’s always been the case, really, but it’s more prevalent now than it has ever been. Social media, digital advertising and an internet-obsessed consumer base have fundamentally and irrevocably shifted not only how important brand imaging is, but also how it works. If you’re not getting to grips with social advertising and engagement, you’ve already fallen behind.

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Reward And Prosper: How Your Company Awards Can Boost Productivity

Setting goals and celebrating achievement is one of the simplest and most effective ways to boost individual and collective morale – there’s a reason it’s one of the fundamental principles of professional sports psychology. The same logic applies to corporations; setting ambitious targets, working hard to achieve them and celebrating accomplishments is a positive cycle guaranteed to encourage greater productivity. Guaranteed, that is, if you celebrate…

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Why An Office Summer Party Is Worth Organising

A little effort goes a long way...

Office summer parties come in all shapes and guises, from a few drinks at the office local to a company sports day. And sure, we’d all love to see Marketing take on Operations in the egg-and-spoon race, but it’s hardly the stuff of legends; a summer party can be a golden opportunity to impress and reinvigorate your employees, not to mention potential clients. You’ve got to play your cards right, though…

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Some of our clients...

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