Remote working has its benefits, but this is why I miss the office

The coronavirus pandemic has affected all of us and the impact on the hospitality sector is tough. The majority of our staff have unfortunately had to be furloughed as a result - but one member of the team is keeping things ticking over. That person is Sapphire, our Senior Project Manager. Here she explains what she misses most while our business is effectively on hold:

‘First and foremost, I miss…

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What makes the perfect wedding reception on the River Thames?

Eliza is our in-house wedding designer at West End on the Thames. She explains what makes a good wedding reception on the River Thames.

Wedding days are among the most special occasions of a couple’s life. It is therefore crucial to build their trust through a personable service. This is something they will only do once and must be completely comfortable in your hands. I personally work alongside our designated…

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Importance Of Getting Together After Coronavirus

This is a strange and stressful time for everyone, including businesses and their employees. With many people furloughed or working remotely from home, it can affect their mental health. For some, there is a growing feeling of disconnection, anxiety and isolation. 

That’s why, when some sort of normality returns, it will be hugely important for colleagues to reunite and bond. Here at West End on the Thames…

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Wedding Reception Venue For 2021

We sympathise with those couples who are having to reschedule their wedding because of the coronavirus pandemic. We also understand that many are now struggling to find a venue for 2021. Lots of people are in a similar position so demand is high, while many dates are already taken by bookings made prior to the outbreak.

At West End on the Thames we are here to help. We offer truly unique

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How We Are Tackling The Virus & Your Booking Rights

Everything is continuing as normal here at West End on the Thames, but with the following precautions in place due to coronavirus.

What is coronavirus?

The coronavirus is a virus that causes COVID-19 and affects the lungs and airways. The main symptoms are a fever and a continuous dry cough.

It is not known exactly how coronavirus spreads from person…

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Some of our clients...

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