Unforgettable Prom Boat Party

Prom night will always be an occasion to remember, with amazing outfits and hundreds of pictures. This year, make your prom night stand out from everyone else's and host it on a river boat whilst you cruise through the city lights at night. Whether you want to dance all night or mingle out on deck, a river boat party will add a touch of class to your next event.

There is a lot things to remember for prom night, so here is a quick P.R.O.M that breaks down the main reasons for a river boat party being the perfect location for your celebration. Just use these points to imagine your celebration on a luxury boat!

'P'arty all night - with loads of dance floor space you can dance all night to your favourite songs. Then, when you need to have a rest, the seated areas are there so you can chill out and chat with your friends.

'R'oom for everyone - a variety of boats that can hold up to 500 people, so nobody has to miss out!

'O'ut on deck - make sure you get out on deck at some point during the river cruise as the boats follow all the famous London landmarks, which look fantastic at night. The illuminated skyline makes for a great background in all your photos.

'M'ake it memorable - celebrating your prom is a really special occasion, so make it a truly memorable night by doing something out of the ordinary and hosting your prom in a luxury river boat. Party in style and dance the night away on the famous river Thames!

If you want your celebration to be a night to truly remember, then get in contact with our sales team today and we'll start putting your prom party together for you.

Written by Thomas Hitch, West End on the Thames online content writer.

Posted Mar 03, 2014

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