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75th Anniversary of the Blitz

This month marks the 75th anniversary of the end of the Blitz.

During World War II, the German air force, also known as the Luftwaffe, bombed towns and cities all over Britain in what became known as the Blitz. On the first day, nearly 350 German planes dropped bombs on East London, targeting…

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Joseph Bazalgette - 125 Years On:

Cleansing the Thames in the 1800's was an enormous and extremely dangerous task. How on earth was one supposed to clean up hundreds of miles of commercial waterway? Not to mention the river was a public toilet, rubbish bin and sewer/drain; it seems safe to say that most drinking water was not safe.…

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Morning Meeting on The River Thames

If you’re looking to host an important meeting in London, the River Thames could provide the perfect setting

Securing a contract, proposing a new company venture, and networking with potential clients: all these opportunities and more can rest on the success of a single meeting. If you’ve…

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Corporate Hospitality - Early Planner Discount

Beautifully designed and expertly managed, our corporate functions rank among the most distinguished in London. The versatile vessels’ are able to accommodate a…

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Meeting Venue In London That Is Sure To Impress

Meetings are an essential part of any business and whether you are updating existing clients or pitching to new ones, your meeting needs to be interesting to make sure your message is successfully communicated. Whilst the excitement surrounding your announcement might be out of your control, the venue…

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Shared Office Parties on the Thames

Our shared events have quickly become some of our most successful functions, and among the most sought after tickets on the Thames. Held throughout the year, we offer the opportunity for businesses with smaller budgets – or fewer employees – to group together and hire a vessel, enjoying all the luxuries…

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