Award Ceremony

An evening dedicated to achievement set against the inspirational backdrop of London’s skyline; a private awards ceremony could hardly be held in a more fitting location. Whether you are looking to reward employees’ efforts or present accolades to business partners, our exquisite ceremonies will provide the exact experience that you imagine.

Held aboard one of our professionally-maintained fleet, your event can be tailored to meet any specifications that your ideal awards ceremony may require; bespoke settings both inside and outside your floating venue are guaranteed. We will liaise with you to ensure that not only is the boat prepared exactly as you want it, but the ceremony itself runs as efficiently as possible, including catering, entertainment and the awards presentation itself.

Able to launch from various locations along the Thames for both daytime and evening excursions, our boats are capable of providing the perfect setting for any corporate awards presentation. London’s stunning skyline will be the catalyst in the success of your evening, all the more individual and memorable for floating along by it.

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