Private Transfer on the Thames

Travelling in London is essential for businesses – nothing beats face-to-face contact for cementing brand relationships, after all. But it can present a thorny problem, and not just when the Victoria line goes down. The Tube, black cabs, Uber – while convenient, no service offers a more prestigious option for impressing clients. Until now.

West End on the Thames now runs smaller chartered vessels for private hire, for travelling through the city in style. With piers available all along the river front, we will turn your journey into a luxurious experience; both our smaller vessels, which can hold up to 6 and 12 people respectively, have on board facilities like WiFi and a mini bar, and our staff can provide food. When you factor in cruising past London’s famous landmarks, your breakfast meeting just got significantly upgraded.

Whether you’re transporting clients to an event or easing the tedium of an all-day planning meeting, our luxury service presents an entirely unique option for travelling in London. Our vessels can be chartered for short trips as an impressive alternative to taxis, or used for more extensive corporate functions. Travelling across the capital has never sounded more attractive.

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