Team Building

If you’re looking to host a team building event, look no further than the heart of London itself.

Not all corporate events are the same, just as no two event management services are truly alike. If you’re looking for something innovative to encourage an exciting team dynamic in your business, a cruise along the River Thames – personalised with a team building theme – is the perfect setting for improving team morale and skills.

A well-integrated team is the basis for a successful business; no brand can hope to fulfil its ambitions if its employees aren’t functioning as a unit. Making sure you’re getting the most from your team isn’t as simple as grouping them together for an after-office party – for something less likely to conjure images from The Office, opt for a unique event along the River Thames. Our vessels can host both small and large groups, and our team will work closely with you to ensure the experience is realised exactly as you’d imagined. Whether you want a relaxed event for individuals to mingle as they cruise past London’s iconic landmarks or a unique staging ground for group activities, our vessels will ensure your team building efforts don’t go to waste.

This service is available any day of the week, both in the day and in the evening. For more information, please contact a member of our event team or complete our build your event application form.

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