5 reasons why a boat is better than a land venue

Planning a celebration can often be as fun as the event itself-the building of excitement, the numerous options, the promise of a day or night full of expectation - however, after several hen parties and countless birthdays it can become a little tedious to have to face the prospect of yet another event, so inject some life into your plans and opt for a boat venue.

Here are five reasons why you should...

  1. What do you see when you look out of the window at a typical land-based function? A brick wall, a takeaway shop, a lonesome tree if you're lucky? With a private boat you can see the entirety of central London from your very own route along the Thames, making it a celebration to remember.
  2. Getting everyone to the venue on time can often present itself as somewhat of a challenge. However, with a Thames boat hire you can tailor the embark/disembark point to ensure that the timing and location best suits everyone.
  3. This is selfie central. Forget the standard photographs against the most neutral wall in the venue, with stunning views of Tower Bridge and The House of Parliament to name a few, you're guaranteed to get a good year out of the profile picture that you'll take aboard a chartered boat.
  4. A private boat encompasses an entire mix of private party/corporate options, whether it be drinks on deck amid the balmy air, a three course meal or a DJ and dancefloor.
  5. A boat venue is completely versatile and can cater to all groups. If you are after a corporate formal function or a 21st celebration, a Thames boat can be adapted to suit any occasion.

At West End on the Thames, we can provide a boat hire to rival any land venue. Don't believe us? Just see how much fun we're having next time we pass you by along the embankment.

All aboard!

By Lauren Mason, an online content writer for the West End on the Thames.

Posted Jun 12, 2014

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