5 Reasons Why The Thames Is The Perfect Location For Your Corporate Event

It has been said that people may forget what you said, people may forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. With an event run by our team, your guests will be made to feel comfortable, welcome and special from the moment they arrive. With awe -inspiring views and a lively atmosphere, we can inject life into your corporate event whether it be a summer party, social gathering, meeting or networking event.

Here are five reasons why the Thames is the perfect location for your event:

  • Your Bespoke Private Retreat

Beside the fact that a boat is a unique choice of venue, it offers the opportunity to bring like-minded people together, away from the hustle and bustle of a hotel, restaurant or office room. Create an ambiance which allows ideas to flow, success to be celebrated or work relationships to be nurtured. We can help build a stimulating environment tailored to your requirements.

  • Conversation Central

Making small talk is often a staple component of any corporate function. Inspiration runs low when surrounded by four plain walls. Conversation has a danger of reverting to a questionable painting hanging on the wall, delays on the tube that morning, or worse, the weather. Avoid the excruciating prospect of having to touch upon such subjects by booking your function on one of our operated boats. Landmark after landmark will sail by, giving you a wealth of inspiration and conversation starters.

  • Work Conducive

Creative juices flow freer when given room to breathe. Guests can take a stroll on the deck before heading inside where natural light will continue to flood through the room. For an evening function the lighting can be set to your specification and the decks can remain open for guests to gaze at the twinkling skyline. The variation of our and indoors will keep minds stimulated, engaged and energised.

  • Choose Your Own Route

Stretching a grand total of 215 miles, the River Thames is the 2nd longest river in the UK and has a rich and vibrant history. Within London, choose which part of the river you would like to explore and we can make it happen. Fancy a unique view of the MI5 building or The Houses of Parliament? Or perhaps Tower Bridge and the Globe Theatre? Not to mention the opportunity to see the tallest building in London, the Shard!

  • Easy Access

Sometimes venues can be hard to locate and frustration can build whilst trawling through the streets of London using a GPS, especially if high heels are involved. Avoid confusion and make your venue somewhere unmistakeable. The central positioning and ease of access to the Thames via public transport makes it extremely easy to reach the boats.

A West End on the Thames operated boat is versatile and adaptable as any land venue. Have the greatest city in the world as the backdrop to your function and give your guests a day to remember!

By Rachel Bentley, an online content writer for the West End on the Thames

Posted Aug 08, 2014

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