Graduation Parties 2015

The final stretch has begun, approximately 17 years of education is coming to an end in this pinnacle year which will determine your university degree. Whether your all-nighter’s are spent erratically typing away in the library or stumbling gracefully from club to trashy bar, there is one event at which all differences are put aside and students unite as one.

The graduation party is an event which will remain cemented in each student’s memory for years to come. It is a celebration of the journey on which you have all embarked together and the end of an era. It is rejoicing the growth of new lifelong friendships and marking the last time you will see many of the faces you have spent the last 3 years working alongside.

What better way to see off student life than on board one of our private boats sailing down the River Thames? Here at West End on the Thames we use a bespoke approach that will result in a unique, seamless and exciting night for everyone on board. Our packages can be tailored to your requirements, no matter how crazy or classy you envisage your party. We will take care of everything and ensure each guest has the rewarding graduation party they deserve!

Book your 2015 student event before January 31st and receive an early confirmation discount!

By Rachel Bentley, an online content writer for the West End on the Thames

Posted Nov 05, 2014

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