July 4th Independence Day Party Idea In London

Traditionally, us British are not the best at remembering the 4th July and could do with a few lessons in how to celebrate the famous date in true US style. As London continues to grow and more American firms begin to open offices in the capital, it would seem that there is no better time to bring the party to British waters - and, more specifically, to the Thames. It hardly seems fair that Independence Day should pass us by without so much as a slice of Apple pie, and so this year, why not mark the patriotic date with an office party celebration in the capital.

At West End on the Thames we believe that Independence Day should be celebrated in style, and what better way than with a luxury venue in the heart of the city. We operate a range of chartered boats available for private hire with capacities varying from 40 to 600, so whether your event is a modest few drinks or a full blown party with all the trimmings we have the venue to suit you. As you cruise down the river, drink in the famous surroundings with friends and colleagues on deck, or head inside to a fully-stocked bar and enjoy the view from within.

It would not be a 4th July celebration without a few American flags waving proudly above the river, and you can tailor the chosen event space with themed decorations and catering - those apple pies might come in handy after all! Hold a memorable party for your colleagues and commemorate the anniversary with a host of traditional US customs to bring home to London. While the date marks a day of Independence from the United Kingdom, it is safe to say that no matter what the nationality, we can all share in our appreciation of a truly great party.

With July fast approaching, why not book your event ASAP so that you can begin looking forward to Independence Day in the UK!

By Lauren Mason, an online content writer for the West End on the Thames.

Posted May 14, 2014

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