Launch your new product/service in style on the River Thames!

A product/service launch is an exciting time for any business, with the opportunity to attract both consumers and corporate buyers. However, the chances are that this will not be their first time at a launch and it's important that your event stands out in their mind and reflects all the months of hard work that have led up to this point.

Catchy slogans and thorough research may not be enough to interest prospective buyers in a city rife with competition. The greatest idea in the world can lose its 'wow' factor when showcased in a dull and lifeless room - nobody's going to feel inspired by clinical lighting and 90's wallpaper. If you want your product launch to leave a lasting impression then your venue has to mirror its exclusivity, and a River Thames event is the best way to do so.

With a product/service launch on the Thames, potential consumers will have their interest peaked from the get-go, with an invitation to attend an event that offers the best seat in the house from which to enjoy views of the capital. It offers them a chance not just to attend an interesting event but to actually enjoy themselves while they are at it, which in the hustle and bustle of busy work life can be a rare treat.

Product/service launches on the river instantly plant a seed in peoples' mind that your brand is different, and so too is what you have to offer. At West End on the Thames we appreciate the importance of such events and believe that your hard work deserves the best setting that London can provide. Plan your next event with us and we will ensure that your product/service gets the luxury treatment and has people talking about it long after they leave. Let the Thames do the talking!

By Lauren Mason, an online content writer for the West End on the Thames.

Posted May 07, 2014

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