Office Summer Boat Party - The Alternative Option

There has never been a better time to plan ahead for your big summer party. With the recent borderline apocalyptic weather, why not take a moment to fantasise about cruising down the Thames, in the sun with a drink out on deck?! Whether you decide to book up early, or just fancy a bit of reassurance that you will see the sun again, check out what we offer for summer parties on our bespoke river boat events.

Entertaining clients and hosting parties in London during the summer is always an exciting occasion, but after a while, original ideas can be hard to come by. So, when it comes to finding your next summer party, you could be sailing down the Thames on an open deck with West End on the Thames. Our elite customer service provides a bespoke, memorable and alternative night out in London by cruising down the Thames, following all of the famous landmarks along the river.

Taking a river cruise with West End on the Thames provides a new perspective of the classic landmarks, a unique party experience that will impress your guests and an entirely new setting that breaks the trend for corporate packages. You will be hard pushed to find a venue in London where you can step out on deck and appreciate the cool breeze. As the iconic London skyline turns into a silhouette, take the chance to enjoy a drink and even a barbeque out on deck as part of our corporate hospitality package.

West End on the Thames can cater for all requirements and whilst we love being able to offer you a barbeque out on deck, even if the glorious English weather decides to try to spoil the event the party won’t stop there. We can organise plenty of other food options that will be available inside and safely undercover, so that your guests won’t get hungry. We will be working hard to customise your event to your requirements and maintaining our high standards is as important as ever. We are able to custom design each event to make it suits your taste in regard to the decor, entertainment, music, and select a venue perfect for whatever your number of guests as we can provide boats to take up to 500 of your guests.

Our vessels are all modern and we have made sure that the glamour and clean-cut look of the West End is maintained in all of our boats, so there is no cut on the quality of the furnishings on board. Sailing down the Thames in our boats will offer an extra edge to your event as it is hard to come by other opportunities that display the city in this unique way. West End on the Thames summer parties are an exciting way to celebrate a whole host of occasions and being on one of our boats raises the excitement about the event and creates a lively atmosphere.

Just think of it as your own personalised event on the Thames, where we will organise your food and drink so that you don’t need to miss out on the unparalleled views of London’s landmarks.

Written by Thomas Hitch, West End on the Thames online content writer.


Posted Feb 14, 2014

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