The Thames - A Different View of London

We are very used to seeing the famous attractions of London from the city as we walk past them every day, but we don't really pay much attention to them. When you are on a Thames cruise during the day or at night however, it is very difficult not to observe them.

Running an event on the Thames is an ideal opportunity to view London's famous landmarks in a unique and special way. London is host to some of the best restaurants, bars and nightclubs in the world but cruising alongside the iconic attractions like the London Eye and Millennium Dome is an experience you can always remember and adds a whole new dynamic to any event or party. When you next see The London Eye, when walking along the Southbank, you will be able to remember how you sailed past it on the river. Not only do you get a different view of London that shows the city off in a new way, having a private boat lets you relax instead of negotiating your way through hordes of tourists.

One reason to hold an event on the Thames is that whilst you are enjoying your drinks on top deck and talking with friends, you can see all of the city's famous landmarks. As you sail by the busy city, things seem far more serene and being on the river really lets you step back and appreciate the sights. The beauty of having all of the landmarks so close to the river is that whichever pier you choose to sail from, you will get to see lots of different London attractions. Our routes are carefully planned out so that the boats weave along the river letting you take lots of pictures and the city lights provide a perfect backdrop.

An event on the river is like no other. There are always great views, both day and night, of all the well-known attractions such as, The Houses of Parliament, The Shard and The Cutty Sark. The vessels offer the option of both indoor and outdoor seating so that you can sit down and enjoy your drinks. It if is raining or you don't want the wind to mess up your hair, all of the boats have windows so you don't have to miss out on the scenery if you do chose to sit inside. One tip though, be sure to get out on deck as the boat passes underneath Tower Bridge as it is really an amazing sight and not something you can see on regular events in London. The route that the boats take on each event can be adapted to suit your needs but however you customise your experience, you and your guests will be able to sail past the famous sights.


View of Tower Bridge London


All along the river there are piers that you can choose as your start and end points. The use of certain piers depends on availability so if you book early, you can secure your pier of choice or the best alternative for starting or ending your time on the boat. Easily accessible piers like Westminster, Festival and Waterloo allow for added flexibility and easy travel links. This is a great plus to having a boat party because it is easy to get on and off where you please.

Taking an event on the river in a luxury boat is the perfect way to see London in a new way without having to sacrifice any of the high-end sophistication you would like at an event. It will keep your guests talking and you might be surprised at how much of London you can see from the Thames.

Written by Thomas Hitch, West End on the Thames online content writer.

Posted Feb 20, 2014

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