Our Team - Meet Riien Warren

Riien took time out of his schedule this week to answer some questions in regards to his involvement with the company so far.

  • What attracted you to work for West End on the Thames

I’ve worked in plenty of different environments over the years but have never been able to find somewhere that I felt was right for me. I’ve never been particularly motivated by money, but have always been determined to make my mark on something, whilst working in an enjoyable environment with like-minded people. I believe if you combine these attributes of a company along with a wealth of opportunities on offer, then success will follow. I was first introduced to West End on the Thames in 2011 and when I look at how the company has grown since then, it tells me I’m in exactly the right place.

  • Your role

My role is to oversee all sales in the office. With London being such a busy city and the Thames being such a prominent feature of it, there is no shortage of potential clients wanting to climb aboard the boats. My task is to find the right package to suit each group. The vessels are so versatile, there are always new ideas to work with and different clients to gain perspectives from, which I love. Apart from sales I’m also heavily involved in the co-ordination and logistics of every event and the overall growth of the company, looking into ways we can expand as a brand, as well as improving what we already have.

  • What is a day like in the office

We have an increasingly busy office at the moment, which means a lively, energetic atmosphere in which creativity flows freely. It’s becoming more apparent that all the hard work we’ve put in to create our brand and deliver excellent service is paying off, as clients now see us a name they can trust. This is supported by our high return rate, something which we pride ourselves upon. When I'm not building packages for enquiries, meeting clients to discuss ideas for their events or taking viewings on the boats, I’m usually devising plans with the team to push the company forward and make our services even better.

  • What would you tell someone who is applying for a job here?

I would say we’re a very different bunch here. If you’re looking for a classic 9 to 5, where you turn up, do this, do that and then go home, you’re not looking in the right place. If you want to work somewhere in which you’ll have true creative influence, the opportunity to take responsibility for big decisions and work amongst hungry individuals who all want to grow themselves and the company to the highest possible heights, then get in touch. Everyone in our company has their own individual goals that they want to reach and we all know that we are in the ideal environment to achieve them.

  • What do you think makes WEOTT stand out from the rest

I would say the main thing that separates us from our competition is our ambition. We have always been determined to give the best service, build the best individual packages, and have the best website to effectively display what we offer. We never stand still as a company and never rest on our laurels.

  • What’s your favourite thing about an event held on the boat?

The best thing is that they are so versatile. I’ve been to summer office parties, wedding receptions, birthday parties, product launches and plenty more. I love the Thames; it’s such an iconic landmark in our city and every time I attend a clients event I notice something new whilst cruising along the scenic route. It is by far the greatest city in the world and there is no better way to see it!

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Written by Rachel Bentley, an online content writer for the West End on the Thames.

Posted Feb 23, 2015

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