Planning The Perfect Summer Rooftop Party

A Londoners’ quest to escape the claustrophobia of the City, the hustle and bustle of the underground and search for some fresh air to fill their lungs and get their head above water is ceaseless. Finding a rooftop venue to fulfil all of your oxygen desires is a task that cannot be taken lightly.

Here’s five steps to arranging the perfect summer office rooftop party:

  • Source the venue – Many of London’s venues are likely to offer preferential rates to early bookers so get in there first and nab yourself a deal
  • Tailor your package – Work with the organising staff to make sure that your event is perfect for you. Leave no stone unturned and ensure that every detail is to your approval
  • Test your catering – Your staff are going to be hungry, don’t run the risk of leaving bellies rumbling. Insist on a tasting of what lunch or dinner will be served, be it silver service dining or a tray of sandwiches, it’s a tough job but someone has to do it
  • Get invites to your staff – Time to boast, now you’ve arranged the perfect summer bash for the office let it be known that you’ve wangled a great do. Rally your troops and get them pumped up for the date, you’ll be the most popular person in the building, trust us
  • Turn up – All your work is done, sit back, relax, enjoy the summer breeze and let your hair down. Cheers your colleagues to a successful start to 2015 and  to another six months of hard work

At West End on the Thames we offer ideal solutions to all of these points. Join us aboard one of our boats with their spacious rooftop decks to take in the sights and let your hair down with an all you can eat oxygen buffet, guaranteed to refresh the juices. Our bespoke service helps us tailor packages around your requirements, making sure that your event is suited perfectly for your group.

We are offering discounts to the early birds who book their Summer Party with us before the end of March. So give us a call and let us take care of your summer office party.

 Written by Riien Warren, Sales Manager for the West End on the Thames.


Posted Mar 04, 2015

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