Winter barbecue... Not As Crazy As It Sounds!

We typically associate barbecues with spending time outdoors soaking up the summer sun, but a new trend has people busting out the barbie as winter sets in. The combination of rich smokiness, slow-cooked meats and comforting sides is the perfect way to warm up your winter.



A festive barbecue prepared by our catering team can be enjoyed from the wide decks and the luxurious, heated indoor spaces available across all our vessels. Float by London’s iconic cityscape and most famous landmarks lit up against the night sky on the River Thames as you celebrate the Christmas season in style. Our catering team will adapt your winter BBQ to fit your specific whims or dietary requirements, so everyone on board can enjoy the festivities. Smell all the aromatic scents of charcoal, spices and herbs blending together and filling the crisp winter air as you cruise past the city’s historic monuments and contemporary skyline.



For a memorable Christmas celebration with your colleagues, look no further than a winter BBQ on board one of our luxury vessels. Your guests will already be impressed by the stunning panoramic views as you move your office party to the River Thames, but they will be even more impressed by the unique catering and your Christmas BBQ will soon become the most memorable event of the year. Summer may be over, but the festivities and atmosphere of the popular summer barbecue don’t have to end. Ring in this winter season with the comfort of a warm barbecue at your next Christmas event.

By Victoria Shelton, an online content writer for the West End on the Thames.


Posted Oct 25, 2016

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