Brands, Images & The Big Social Conundrum

Image is everything – that’s always been the case, really, but it’s more prevalent now than it has ever been. Social media, digital advertising and an internet-obsessed consumer base have fundamentally and irrevocably shifted not only how important brand imaging is, but also how it works. If you’re not getting to grips with social advertising and engagement, you’ve already fallen behind.

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A brand that is actively engaged online is one that has direct access to its customers, affiliates and competitors, and can communicate with them on a very personal level. The importance of social media is that it allows consumers a glimpse into the human stories behind each brand; that’s why when Southern Rail put their work experience boy, Eddie, in charge of their Twitter, it massively boosted their popularity, albeit briefly. When a vast majority of consumers, across all industries, are active on social media each and every day, a brand that can spark conversation, entertain and maintain professionalism is leagues ahead of the competition.

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But how to harness this golden egg? How to turn the power of free social media to your advantage when every brand is attempting to do the same? For full effect, a dual pronged approach is necessary. First, brands must be active on social media as much as their consumers are: every day. That means investing in employees who are proficient and creative enough to create a lasting impression in a user’s crowded feed on a regular basis, and taking advantage of a site or app’s full range of features. Motion Nutrition, for example – a sport nutrition brand – is regularly active on their Instagram account, creating innovative stories and competitions to pull in new consumers and engage with existing ones.

Secondly, events offer a perfect opportunity to boost your brand’s image using social media. A visually stunning event designed to impress customers, clients and employees creates an occasion to generate a conversation about your brand, with imagery and video to assist. For example, a networking cruise along the River Thames – complete with a BBQ, live entertainments and London’s illuminated skyline as the backdrop – will fill your consumers’ social media feeds with images and video of your exciting event, from both your own accounts and from your guests. That engagement can be amplified before and after the event, too.

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Impressing your clients and customers with a stunning event will improve your brand’s image in the short term – with an effective presence on social media, those benefits can be maximised in the long term as well. The game has changed with the dawn of the digital age; brands who are the fastest to adapt to its constantly evolving pressures will thrive.

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We specialise in creating truly unique corporate events by getting to know your brand and personalising each function to your needs and desires, all while capitalising on the stunning backdrop of the capital’s riverfront and skyline. To enquire about booking an event, just fill out our online Build Your Event Form or contact a member of our sales team on 020 7345 5321.

By Jack Hart, an online content writer for the West End on the Thames.

Posted Aug 08, 2017

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