Reward And Prosper: How Your Company Awards Can Boost Productivity

Setting goals and celebrating achievement is one of the simplest and most effective ways to boost individual and collective morale – there’s a reason it’s one of the fundamental principles of professional sports psychology. The same logic applies to corporations; setting ambitious targets, working hard to achieve them and celebrating accomplishments is a positive cycle guaranteed to encourage greater productivity. Guaranteed, that is, if you celebrate properly.

Award Ceremony Thames

Sunset on the Thames

A half-hearted awards ceremony at an average venue will inspire nothing but criticism; not the reaction that will stimulate greater efforts from your employees. But getting it right isn’t complicated and simply requires some organisation, creativity and enthusiasm – something that West End on the Thames deliver in spades.

West End on the Thames River Boat

Company Awards on the thames

London’s leading boat venue provider, West End on the Thames can create a corporate awards ceremony that is bespoke to your brand. Using a luxury vessel as the venue, we will cruise your entire workforce along the River Thames in a vessel specially equipped for the occasion. With on board presentation equipment, a fully-stocked bar, live entertainment, catering and much, much more, our vessels provide everything you could need, with the added bonus of a spectacular backdrop: London’s famous landmarks across the water.

West End on the Thames Catering

Beverages Reception

By partnering with West End on the Thames to create your awards ceremony, you can rest assured that it will run smoothly, exceed employee expectations and create unforgettable memories, like Tower Bridge opening before you. Treating your guests to an evening of entertainment will not only boost company morale, but it will create an opportunity for you to showcase the positive energy your brand exudes, to both customers and competitors. A boat venue offers a unique experience in itself, and our events team will tailor your function to your exact specifications, ensuring it delivers everything you hoped for.

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To enquire about creating an awards ceremony with West End on the Thames, simply fill out our online Build Your Event form or contact one of our sales team on 020 7345 5321.

By Jack Hart, an online content writer for the West End on the Thames. 

Posted Jul 31, 2017

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