Why An Office Summer Party Is Worth Organising

A little effort goes a long way...

Office summer parties come in all shapes and guises, from a few drinks at the office local to a company sports day. And sure, we’d all love to see Marketing take on Operations in the egg-and-spoon race, but it’s hardly the stuff of legends; a summer party can be a golden opportunity to impress and reinvigorate your employees, not to mention potential clients. You’ve got to play your cards right, though – here’s our breakdown of why a summer party is worth organising and how to get it right.

Team Spirit

Fostering a good working relationship between your employees will see your productivity skyrocket, but there’s more to it than that – and it’s more complex than dumping them in a bar together. The best employers are those which invest in their employees’ happiness and job satisfaction, and a summer party is the perfect opportunity to give something back to a loyal workforce. A sunset cruise along the River Thames, for instance, creates a shared experience that not only shows you care about your employees, but provides motivation for them to invest their own energy into your brand. Putting in a little effort now will pay big dividends in the near future.

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Business Opportunities 

Summer parties aren’t just for employees, though – inviting along customers, associates and potential clients is a brilliant way to maximise the opportunity. A well thought out and expertly managed event will impress your current and future partners, and at the very least shows that you care about them. Engaging with people on a human level – like at an informal BBQ while cruising past London’s famous landmarks – rather than simply in boardrooms will foster a closer relationship. If your marketing team are on the ball then a well-planned summer party is also an opportunity to impress clients who aren’t even there, as we’ll see below.

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Brand Image

Social media is a game-changer when it comes to marketing and your brand’s identity – it serves as a platform over which you can easily reach untold potential customers and connect with existing partners on a more social, innovative level. If, for instance, you have organised a day’s cruise on the Thames – complete with live music, an outdoor BBQ, casino tables and a fully stocked bar – then that event is a fantastic marketing opportunity. By utilising your brand’s social media, and that of your guests, you can instantly promote your business as forward thinking, thoughtful and innovative.

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West End on the Thames is London’s leading boat venue provider. Summer parties are one of our specialities – just check out our testimonials here. Our event type will help you create a truly unique event, completely bespoke to your brand, guests and goal; we are dedicated to creating truly amazing corporate functions. With the River Thames as our home and London’s skyline as our stunning backdrop, we create unforgettable events for brands looking to impress.

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By Jack Hart, an online content writer for the West End on the Thames.


Posted Jul 21, 2017

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