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As the grey curtain of winter months slowly draws back, all eyes turn to the warm climates of the long summer days and the promises of relaxation and leisure that they bring. Though for most this will mean escaping the UK to far-flung resorts, it’s also a time to be planning your business’ summer party. These occasions are not simply a mandatory exercise to convince employees of your brand’s ‘fun’ side, but a genuinely exciting opportunity with myriad benefits for everyone involved - particularly if you host the party somewhere that will leave your guests with unforgettable memories.

Capital Entertainment on the river thames london

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London is the perfect setting for your brand’s summer party, whether you’re already based in the capital or need to make the journey down for the occasion. The capital has an unrivalled selection of events and activities that are perfect for ambitious brands looking to break the monotony of day-to-day corporate life. Summer parties are designed to give employees an opportunity to relax far from the pressures of work; to have fun and bond as a team in an environment that fosters laughter and enjoyment. In London, a city full of diversity and excitement, there are more than enough entertainment options to ensure your brand has a party to remember.

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From rooftop cinemas to carnival themed parties, there’s something for every brand - and budget - in London. The event type that you choose will depend on your group size and preferences; for instance, a meal at a high-end restaurant could suit a smaller brand, whereas a larger group may appreciate a leisurely cruise along the River Thames on a privately chartered vessel. In London, your options are limited only by your own personal preferences and tastes, which makes it the perfect place to host your summer office party.

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West End on the Thames is unique events management service specialising in corporate events hosted on the River Thames. Our fleet of vessels is diverse enough to accommodate groups of all sizes, from a dozen to several hundred. For summer parties, our events team will help you design a truly bespoke events package, including decor, catering and entertainment, to ensure that your guests relax in style, cruising past the capital’s iconic landmarks in the summer sun. For more information, please contact our sales team on or 020 7345 5321.

By Jack Hart, an online content writer for the West End on the Thames.

Posted Feb 06, 2018

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