Remote working has its benefits, but this is why I miss the office

The coronavirus pandemic has affected all of us and the impact on the hospitality sector is tough. The majority of our staff have unfortunately had to be furloughed as a result - but one member of the team is keeping things ticking over. That person is Sapphire, our Senior Project Manager. Here she explains what she misses most while our business is effectively on hold:

‘First and foremost, I miss the team and the day-to-day interaction I have with them in the office. One of the most enjoyable aspects of our company is the collaboration between colleagues and the shared creativity to develop ideas. Working remotely from home just isn’t the same. In fact, I even miss my desk and how it is tailored to my personal needs.

my desk at work sapphire christos


‘I also miss the excitement that surrounds an event; from the initial enquiry right up to its implementation on the day. Meeting clients face-to-face and understanding their vision and specific requirements is something I thrive on. Every time we start planning a project it begins a new journey and not being able to go on those feels very strange. Of course, I also miss the views of the river and the unique perspective of London that our events offer. 

what she misses most sapphire christos


‘I am looking forward to seeing familiar faces again soon, from our staff to our suppliers - as well as meeting with clients, both new and existing. Those relationships are what makes this job so special and I can’t wait to reconnect with all those people.’

Posted Jun 03, 2020

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