5 Benefits of Thames Meetings: Unleashing Creativity

If you want to create a memorable setting that attendees will love, then there are few backdrops more striking and memorable than London as seen from the River Thames. Your attendees can settle in for the meeting as London’s iconic skyline rolls on by.

Below are five key benefits to hosting meetings out on the River Thames…

1 - A change of scenery

Breaking away from the office environment is always a good idea if you want to freshen things up. And choosing a new meeting venue can help you do just that. We can think of few better ways to shake things up than by hosting a meeting on a beautiful boat on the River Thames?

The picturesque backdrop of the Thames can help you inspire creativity and foster a positive attitude to enable productive discussions in your corporate meetings.


Meeting on the thames with a view

2 - Unconventional venue

If you’re looking for a unique meeting space, then hosting a meeting on a boat is one way to provide an extraordinary experience for those in attendance. By choosing a sleek and stylish riverboat venue, you’re able to help motivate your attendees, ensuring they’re fully engaged throughout.


unique meeting space on the river thames

3 - Inspirational surroundings

The inspiring atmosphere, scenic views, and serene ambiance of the River Thames might just inspire fresh perspectives, garner innovative ideas, and boost problem-solving in meetings. Be sure to take a look at the fleet of vessels that we offer here at West End on the Thames, to see which might suit your needs!


Capturing the landmarks

4 - All-inclusive Services

Here at West End on the Thames, our event services team can provide you with all of the essential meeting amenities aboard our boats. That means we can provide state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, stationary, catering, and beverages, all of which combine to ensure a seamless and successful meeting.


canapes being served to the guests

5 - Team-building opportunities

Not only does the river setting help inspire productive meetings, but it also offers a fantastic opportunity for corporate bonding and team-building. This unique London meeting space is the perfect place for fun team-building activities, encouraging team bonding and boosting camaraderie among attendees.


Team building activity on the river thames

To conclude…

Sometimes, stepping out of the ordinary can result in extraordinary outcomes for businesses. So next time you’re looking for a unique meeting venue in London, be sure to give West End on the Thames some consideration!

You can contact us via email here or give us a call on 020 8323 5827 and one of our friendly team will be happy to help!

Written by Adam Rowden, creative copywriter at West End on the Thames.

Posted Aug 03, 2023

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